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Copyright Songs

How to Copyright a Song in India

Nov 3, 2020 IPR by admin
When the unique song inside your head finally gets your voice, it becomes real, doesn’t it? You start think about auditions and other opportunities. And nowadays, you can start thinking about YouTube videos and monetizing it. However, before you race your horse of imagination, are you sure your song is protected? I am not asking
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ISO 9001 Certification for Small Business

ISO 9001-2015 Certification Causes Evolution of Small Businesses

Oct 27, 2020 ISO by admin
When you are starting a business, there are many things that can go wrong, even if you have taken all the right steps. Your over-precaution can cause mismanagement in the company. Your under-precaution can cause the loss of operations control and your micromanagement can cause your workers to feel uncomfortable. All of the mentioned three
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Trademark Registration

How to Apply for Trademark Registration Online

Oct 3, 2020 Trademark by admin
So, you have just started a business and you are questioning whether investing in trademark registration for that business is something you should invest in? Well, to find the answer to that question, ask yourself these: How much blood and sweat you have put in to your brand? How much hard you’ve worked to make
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DPCC License Apply Online

How to Apply for DPCC License

Sep 22, 2020 DPCC by admin
DPCC or Delhi Pollution Control Committee Consent gives a No Objection Certificate to business entities who promise that their existence won’t cause any harm to the environment or society. Not just for setting up new businesses, the DPCC license is also mandatory for existing businesses who want to: Modernize their workspace Enhance the production process,
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privileges of private company

What are the Privileges of a Private Limited Company?

Sep 12, 2020 Company by admin
A private limited company is the business entity of choice for most businesses in India, and for a good reason. Not only, it does separate the business from the businessmen, it also provides a good structure to the trade – prepping it to become successful. India is a socialist country, providing several benefits to those
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OSP registration consultants

Dot License Service Providers in India

As per the New Telecommunications Act, a DOT OSP license is the mandatory registration for anyone who wants to start an IT enabled service centre in India. The DOT License providers in India can help you get that authorization by which you can Start your Business Processing Outsourcing business. Start your Knowledge Processing Outsourcing business.
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company registration delhi

7 Steps to Register a Company in Delhi

Aug 11, 2020 Company by admin
So, you’re finally ready to take a plunge into the business waters and start a company in Delhi. Good for you! Are you aware of why you’re looking for company registration in Delhi? Of how it can benefit your business and turn you from a dreamer to an entrepreneur? Or you are just here to
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