Dot License Service Providers in India

OSP registration consultants

Dot License Service Providers in India

As per the New Telecommunications Act, a DOT OSP license is the mandatory registration for anyone who wants to start an IT enabled service centre in India. The DOT License providers in India can help you get that authorization by which you can

  1. Start your Business Processing Outsourcing business.
  2. Start your Knowledge Processing Outsourcing business.
  3. Start your Recruitment Processing Outsourcing business.
  4. Start your Language Processing Outsourcing business.
  5. And other it enabled services like E-commerce, Tele-banking, tele-trading etc.

However, the recent surge in IT enabled start-ups, and the lack of DOT service providers have caused incompetent OSP registration consultants to forage out of the woodwork. Those consultants take advantage of the enthusiastic tech-driven start-ups and give them wrong consultations. As a result, many call centres have become the “scam centres” of the country.

That being said, the winds of change have arrived. Many tech-driven enterprises are waking up to the realization that to do good business, you don’t have to resort to fraudulent activities. To cater ethical IT enabled service providers, we present you the OSP License consultant qualities. By keeping in mind these traits, you can decide who best can provide you good services.

What qualities does a DOT License provider possess?

The Department of Telecommunication (DOT) is the most rigid government institutes in India. Followers of the law to the tee and feverish believers of the rules, they aren’t lenient on anyone. For instance,

  1. It was DOT that was indirectly responsible for putting Anil Ambani on the street.
  2. It’s DOT that pushed for filing the AGR dues, and took free internet away from us.
  3. It was DOT’s suppressive way of working that have stopped the call centres to expand in a feverish manner.

However, none of these reasons are without motives. In a government that’s now moving towards non-corruption, adhering to the rules is an important factor. The best OSP License consultant would provide you with services that help you stay on the right path.

Other DOT OSP Consultant qualities are

  1. Through application assistance: When applying for OSP registration, a good DOT consultant would help you take the right steps. In fact, they would file the application on your behalf.
  2. Help with furnishing documents: One of the reasons that it’s difficult to get DOT OSP license is the furnishing of essential documents. While you can get Certificate of Incorporation, MOA and AOA without any hitch (if you’ve already registered a company), there are other documents that can take time. These include:
    1. Network diagram: It’s the diagrammatic representation of the way you’ve implemented telecom resources. It has to be pre-approved by the appropriate agency. A consultant can help you with this.
    2. Description of your BPO: How would you describe your BPO, within 60 words or more? It’s a tricky description that only a professional can come up with for you. OSP consultants have content experts that can help you in this regard.
  3. Transparent pricing: OSP consultation is free. However, when it comes to the task of getting the license, it becomes pricey. An OSP license consultant would always be upfront about the price.
  4. Monitoring the application proceeding: OSP Registration process has many ups and downs. Some of them can stop the process in its tracks. The right consultant can foresee that and then, can take steps so that your application can’t be stopped.

OSP Consultants of Delhi and Mumbai

Delhi and Mumbai are the grandfather cities of now many metropolitan regions in India. They are the call centre hotspots. Why?

  1. They host many multinational corporations.
  2. They possess the government offices that specialize in incorporation of IT start-ups.
  3. They are the most populated regions in India.
  4. The people are the most dynamic.

The DOT OSP Consultants in Delhi has the most to give when it comes to the right license services. At the same time, an OSP License consultant in Mumbai can provide you the freedom when it comes to customization of OSP services.

Whatever the case may be, OSP License service providers should posses the qualities of a good service provider. It’s only then, that they can provide optimal OSP services in India.


Starting a call centre not a particularly niche business. However, you need niche experts to get DOT OSP registration in India. Without the right qualities, an OSP consultant won’t be able to help you, regardless of whether you want to setup your call centre in Mumbai, or in Delhi.