Process to Register a Private Limited Company in India

Company Registration Process

Process to Register a Private Limited Company in India

Apr 10, 2021 Company by admin

When starting or registering a private limited company, every step is critical. Without following them to the tee, your dreams of starting a company will be nothing more than it is now, a dream.

Here are the steps to register a company:

  1. Choose the name for your company: Choosing a name for your company isn’t as easy as you might think. It needs to be:
    1. Unique
    2. Memorable
    3. Easy to hear
    4. Easy to speak
    5. Inoffensive
    6. Shouldn’t have obvious adjectives
    7. Shouldn’t have words that indicate government authority.
  2. Gather the documents for company registration: The application of company registration is filed along with the following documents:
    1. ID proof of the directors and members of the company
    2. Address  proof of the directors and members of the company
    3. Address proof of the registered office space where the company is situated
    4. PAN of the directors
  3. Get DSC: Private Limited Company registration is an online process and to authorize your submitted documents through that process, you need to have a digital signature. DSC or Digital Signature Certificate contains your signature. Get DSC by consulting with business experts.
  4. Get DIN: Any aspiring director needs a Director Identification number (DIN) before the company (in your case, a private limited company) is formed. Get that document as well.
  5. File the RUN application: Don’t let your efforts to find a good name for your company fail. File a RUN application to reserve that unique name.
  6. Draft a Memorandum of Association:  A Memorandum of Association is a document that details the object of the company –stating the work that the private limited company does. It’s also an information sheet containing the following details:
    1. Names and addresses of the directors and members.
    2. Share subscriptions of the members.
    3. Total paid up capital if you are establishing a private limited company limited by shares.
    4. If you are yet to put money in the company, you have to specify the amount you are planning to invest and guarantee it. The company in this case will be limited by guarantee.
    5. Address of the company
  7. Draft an Article of Association: Articles of Association or AOA is a document that specified the rules and regulations of the private limited company.
  8. File the application for company registration: Company registration process is now exclusively online. To proceed, you have to register and logon at the MCA portal and using the DSC as your signature, file the application of company registration. Upload the documents and copy the drafted MOA and AOA in their respective spaces. Finally submit the application.
  9. Wait for the application assessment process to complete: The application is then assessed by the Registrar of Companies. If after their scrutiny, your application is found with errors, you will be notified to rectify them. If your application is accepted, you get Certificate of Incorporation.

If you don’t want to take these critical steps on your own, you should contact our company registration team. We are always ready to help and deliver.

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