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Society Registration

Society Registration

A society is that organization which is created with a motive to serve the society not to earn the profit, so the main motive is welfare of the society; these types of organizations are registered under Societies Registration Act 1860. It is association of two or more people who join hands for the charitable works such as poverty relief, arts, education, religion, cultures and sports.

The societies are also known as Non-profit organizations or associations. Management and affairs are maintained by the governing body members which includes election of the members, maintaining and altering the rules and regulations, names as well as objects of the society. Foreigners are also allowed to become a member of the society according to the rules and regulations.

Why society Registration?

  • It grants the charitable assistance.
  • It helps in promotion of Art.
  • It helps in promotion of Literature and Science.
  • It helps in collecting orphan funds.
  • It helps in maintaining and establishing public amenities such as public galleries and museums.
  • Promotion of useful knowledge.hjk

Important Documents Required for Society Registration:

  • PAN card of the all the members.
  • Residential Proof of the members.
  • Copy of Bye-laws and Covering letter.
  • List of the members of the society
  • Self-declaration from the president of the society.
  • Address proof of the members.
  • Electricity/Water bill of the business place.

INR 12,999 /- All Inclusive, No hidden Charges.

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