Get DPCC Registration (INR 8,999 /-)

DPCC License

What is DPCC License?

DPCC is the short term for Delhi Pollution control Board. It’s formed in 1991 and it’s a self governing body. It works under the guidance of Central pollution control board and is responsible for issuing DPCC License to industries. DPCC License is a no objection certificate issued to new and existing business entities stating that the setting up these entities won’t harm the environment in any way. But, what is DPCC in Business? Well, in simple terms, DPCC License is the approval that you have to get from Delhi Pollution Control Board if you’re setting up a new manufacturing plant. Having it means that your activities won’t pose threat to the environment in any way whatsoever.

What is the Process to Apply for DPCC License?

You can DPCC License apply online using the steps that are given below:

  1. Gather the required DPCC License documents: Once you gather the required DPCC License documents, you can mail it to us on our email ID.
  2. File the application for DPCC License: Once we have received your requirements and the documents, we will download DPCC license online and fill it. After that, we will attach the required documents and submit the application form to the regulatory body.
  3. Verification of DPCC License application: After we have submitted the form, the Delhi Pollution Control Board would verify it for the correctness of the details.
  4. Grant of DPCC License: if the board finds your application to be correct and the documents you’ve submitted to be precise, they will give you the No objection certificate to start your manufacturing plant.

Our Assistance in DPCC licensing Process

From the time you reach out to our experts till the time you get the DPCC license, our experts of Regalguru would be right by your side. If any issues arrive in during the process, we would be there to rectify them. If you have any queries to ask us, we would answer them. At minimal professional fees, you’ll get the license without having to leave the comfort of your homes.

So, if you’re required to file it, start filing the DPCC application today.

Documents Required for DPCC License

Following are the documents required for DPCC license that you’ll have to mail us to start the application process:

  1. Site plan or location plan of your business entity
  2. Land documents of the land on which your production unit/manufacturing plant is located. They can be:
    1. Rent deed
    2. Registration deed
    3. Jamabandi
    4. Lease deed
  3. Certificate of incorporation/ partnership deed/memorandum of association/proprietorship certificate/llp agreement depending upon the type of business entity you have.
  4. Resolution of board of directors if you’re registered as a company.
  5. Certification of water connection from the local municipal body.
  6. CA certificate: That would be provided by us, as we would provide the CA to certify the documents for you.

DPCC License Fees

The DPCC License fee is divided into two parts:

  1. The government fee that the government asks to process your application.
  2. Regalguru Professional DPCC license fees which incentivizes us to provide you optimal end to end DPCC application services.

The total DPCC license fee is just INR 8,999/-.

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