How to Apply for Trademark Registration Online

Trademark Registration

How to Apply for Trademark Registration Online

Oct 3, 2020 Trademark by admin

So, you have just started a business and you are questioning whether investing in trademark registration for that business is something you should invest in? Well, to find the answer to that question, ask yourself these:

  1. How much blood and sweat you have put in to your brand? How much hard you’ve worked to make your brand trustworthy to the public? Is your brand considered respectable today?
  2. If your brand is making strides in the market, would you feel OK if someone tries to use it as their own, without your permission?
  3. Have you truly found out whether the brand name for your business is truly your unique? What if someone else is already using it as a business name?

We are asking you to ask this question because of one simple reason:

If you’ve truly invested time, money and passion behind making your business name known in the market, then it would be terrible to find out that someone is using that name without your permission. Even worse, if your business name is something that’s already is a registered trademark of someone else, then all your efforts to building your brand would be pointless.

That’s why; you have to do everything in your power to:

  1. Choosing a business name is unique.
  2. Taking that name through the trademark registration process is own it legally.
  3. And then, show that ownership with the “R” mark beside that business name so that no one can copy it without your permission.

Keeping in mind all these things that you have to do, we have created a simple process of trademark registration for you. While only the consultants would be able to help you, it’s you who can watch over the process and make the trademark registration process a success.

What is Trademark Registration?

Trademark refers to any mark that can you put on your product or services to differentiate it from other products and services of the same kind available in the market. Trademark registration benefits involve being about to:

  1. Differentiate your product or service from others in the market,
  2. Make people aware of the source behind the product or service that they are using,
  3. Build a marketing strategy to establish your business name.

Considering that a trademark is basically the identifier of your trade, it’s seen as an Intellectual Property. Thus, in order to legally own that intellectual property, you have to get trademark registration.

Upon trademark registration, your trademark is published online with your name (or your business name) as the owner beside it.

The Steps of Trademark Registration Online

There was a time when the trademark registration has to be done exclusively online. Thankfully, with the advent of internet, and the rise of business, it has changed. Now, you can file the trademark registration application online – not compromising the comfort of your home. However, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be careful regarding the steps involved. We have explained them in the following and we’d be thankful if you follow them diligently, without making a mistake.

  1. Search for a unique trademark: Conduct a trademark registration search to decide a unique trademark. The process is fairly simple. You type in “Public Search” in your web browser and let it show you the results. Click on the very first search result and viola, you’re in the trademark search module. Enter the trademark name and the trademark class (the type of goods and service you’re using the trademark for) and press search. If that yield’s result, you have to try again.
  2. File the application for trademark registration: Provided that you’ve found your trademark to be unique, start your steps to file your application for trademark registration online. Attach the documents mentioned below:
    1. Trademark name or logo.
    2. Your personal details or the details of your business entity.
    3. The goods or services on which you want to put your trademark.
    4. A document that showed the date from when you started to use that trademark (if you’re already using the trademark).
    5. Power of attorney in the prescribed format.
  3. Monitor the trademark application: Once you’ve filed the trademark application form, you have to monitor the application status. If it comes rejected, you have to file a trademark reply. If it’s accepted, your trademark will be published.
  4. Get the certificate of registration: Once the trademark is published in the journal, it shall remain so for 120 days. If it doesn’t face any objections during that time, you get your trademark registered.

Trademark registration fees: The government Trademark registration fees if you’re a small startup or an individual is INR 4500. Its INR 9,000 is you are any other business entity.

Timeline: It takes 2 days to file and submit the application. Another 2 to get the application status and 120 days of trademark publication. All in all, the trademark registration timeline about 5 months, give or take.


Trademark registration gives your business a unique Identity. And getting trademark registration India, in a country with a population of more than 1.3 billion, you can definitely achieve success. So get started without waiting and let your brand shine.

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