7 Steps to Register a Company in Delhi

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7 Steps to Register a Company in Delhi

Aug 11, 2020 Company by admin

So, you’re finally ready to take a plunge into the business waters and start a company in Delhi. Good for you! Are you aware of why you’re looking for company registration in Delhi? Of how it can benefit your business and turn you from a dreamer to an entrepreneur? Or you are just here to take a look at the steps involved with the process of company incorporation? Whatever your reasons are, this article is going to provide you with answers for all.

What is the Company?

A Company, or in your case, a Private Limited Company is the most popular business entity in India. It has the following features:

  1. A company is registered under Companies Act 1956.
  2. A company has its own independent identity.
  3. The director(s) and shareholders are separate from the company.
  4. A company’s complete loss doesn’t mean a complete loss for its director(s) and shareholders.
  5. You can start a private limited company with ZERO capital.

Due to the above four, you can move beyond dreaming about doing business and you can become a true entrepreneur. So, if your question is why you’re looking for online company registration in Delhi, those five are the answers.

For a starting entrepreneur, they provide a safe way to start a real business. For a veteran businessman, they provide a good infrastructure to organize the business.

Benefits of Starting a Company

As an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t leave things to chance. You should hit the ground running and organize your business in a way that can last forever; a company can last forever. It’s among the many benefits of private limited company registration. Others are as follows:

  1. Ownership of property: Being an independent legal entity, a company can own property in its name.
  2. Separate entity: When you register a company, you give birth to a new entity. The certificate of incorporation becomes its birth certificate, and the directors and shareholders become its parents (a controlling one). Being a separate entity gives it several powers that range from applying for loans to applying for business licenses.
  3. Limited Liability: The directors and shareholders are only liable to the losses of their company to the extent of their share subscriptions. It means that if a company goes under, you and your shareholders won’t have any impact on your personal assets.
  4. Perpetual succession: As I’ve already told you, a company can last forever. Perpetual succession is how it achieves that feat. It means that once a director dies or isn’t able to act as a director anymore, shares can be transferred to someone else to act as a director.
  5. Easy to get funds: Once you register a company, banks and venture capitalists starts gravitating towards your business. As a legal entity, you establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with; a force that venture capitalists are always excited to get behind and banks can easily lend loans to.

How to Register a Company Delhi?

As per the company registration services in Delhi, you don’t have to do much to start a company in the national capital. There are just 7 steps involved and the following are them:

  1. Choose a good company Name: A good company name is important. It should inoffensive, and most importantly, unique.
  2. Gather the required documents: The following are the required documents to register a company in Delhi:
    1. Aadhar card copy of directors and shareholders
    2. ID proof of shareholders and directors
    3. Resident proof of the shareholders and directors
    4. PAN card of the shareholders and directors.
    5. Address proof of the company office.
  3. Get DSC and DIN: Get the Digital Signature Certificate to authenticate the above documents online and also get Director Identification Number.
  4. File the RUN application: A RUN application will reserve the unique name of your company. While it’s an optional step, you should take it nonetheless (leave nothing to chance)
  5. Draft MOA and AOA: Memorandum of Association is a document that details the information about the directors, the company and its objectives. An article of Association is a policy documents highlighting the rules and regulations to be followed.
  6. File the “SPICe” application: SPICe is an electronic application for company registration that’s filed via the MCA portal. Consult with business experts to file that application online.
  7. Get the certificate of incorporation: If you’ve taken the previous steps correctly, you’d receive certificate of incorporation.

Now, it might be that the above steps feel a bit difficult for a person to follow, and they are. That’s why; we have business experts who can help you. They charge a minimal company registration fees in Delhi and will establish your company in no time.

Other Options that You Have

Starting your entrepreneurial journey with the right foot it all it takes to succeed in the business world. And by registering a company, you can take this step. That said, if you’re looking for more nuanced business entity, like LLP registration in India, you can opt for it as well.