How to Copyright a Song in India

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How to Copyright a Song in India

Nov 3, 2020 IPR by admin

When the unique song inside your head finally gets your voice, it becomes real, doesn’t it? You start think about auditions and other opportunities. And nowadays, you can start thinking about YouTube videos and monetizing it. However, before you race your horse of imagination, are you sure your song is protected? I am not asking whether it has a shield of not. I am asking whether it is safe from being copied by someone else.

Well, the answer is yes or no.

Yes, because as soon as you sing your song, or write it down, it gets the song copyright. It means that you automatically get the exclusive right to copy that song and reproduce it. However, you cannot implement it unless you get the song copyright under the IP laws of India. And that’s where this blog comes to you rescue.

Through this blog, you’ll know the steps of how to copyright your song in India.

It’s not just a Single Copyright

Unlike a book, software or a painting, copyrighting a song is the most difficult task. It’s because a song has so many elements. Just think about it. You do want to protect the entire song right?

  1. The lyrics of that song.
  2. The musical tune you put behind that song.
  3. The audio recording of that song, and
  4. The instrumental of that song.

Thus, for song copyright, India has made it mandatory that you use not one, but multiple copyrighting applications. So strap on to your imaginary horses, for we are going to take an extra mile and discuss all the process.

Documents Required for Copyrighting Different Elements of the Song

The song copyright process is a consistent one. The process remains the same. However, the following are the different documents and format required to copyright each element in the different application:

  1. Copyrighting lyrics: To copyright the lyrics, you just need its word format. Put the lyrics in the word format and store it on your PC.
  2. Musical tune: Write down the musical note on a paper and scan it. If it can be converted into a digital format, you can do it. However, a scanned copy of the original would be enough for copyright registration of the musical tune.
  3. The audio recording: For the audio recording of the song, you need to record it in the .wav format.
  4. The instrumental: It’s optional to copyright the instrumental. But to protect the song completely, it’s a good idea to do it. Get it copyrighted by submitting the .wav recording of the instrumental with the copyright registration application.

The Process of Copyright Registration of a Song

Now that you know the elements that you need to copyright to completely protect your rights of your song, here is the consistent song copyright process I was talking about.

  1. Gather the required documents to get your song copyrighted:
    1. 3 Copies of the work, if published/ 2 copies if it’s not.
    2. Power of attorney to bestow the right to file your application to a copyright attorney.
    3.  Information sheet covering the title and language of work
    4. Your ID proof
    5. Your address proof
    6. If you’ve already uploaded the song on YouTube, give information about when you did it, along with the printout of the same.
  2. File the application of copyright registration: To copyright a song in India, or anything else really, the application is completely online. That’s the reason the documents required in the previous section are digitized.
  3. The song will be published in the diary: After your application is accepted, your song will be published in the diary for 30 days.
  4. The application is processed:  If there are no objections, your application will be scrutinized by the copyright expert.
  5. Approval for the application: If your application gets the approval, you’ll get informed of the same.
  6. After approval registration: After your application gets the approval, you’ll receive the certificate of registration for your song copyright.


All these steps and documents might have made you think: how much is song copyright cost in India? Well, believe us, it’s not much. At RegalGuru, we make sure that our copyright costs are low so that every artist has a chance to show off.

So, get your song copyright at an affordable price with Regalguru.

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