How to Apply for DPCC License

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How to Apply for DPCC License

Sep 22, 2020 DPCC by admin

DPCC or Delhi Pollution Control Committee Consent gives a No Objection Certificate to business entities who promise that their existence won’t cause any harm to the environment or society. Not just for setting up new businesses, the DPCC license is also mandatory for existing businesses who want to:

  1. Modernize their workspace
  2. Enhance the production process, and
  3. Improve their production capacity.

In this article, we will cover everything about the DPCC License including:

  1. The Types of DPCC License,
  2. The permissions that Industries require,
  3. The categorization of industries based on their effect of the environment,
  4. The process of acquiring the DPCC license.
  5. The Documents required for DPCC License, and
  6. A little about DPCCconsultant.

The Different Types of DPCC License

There are two types of consent the DPCC provides businesses to conduct business. For the sake of keeping things simple, you can refer to them as two types of DPCC License:

  1. Consent to Establish: Often shortened to CTE, the consent to establish is the first level of permission that entrepreneurs are required to obtain from the pollution department to establish a business unit. This consent is only granted if the entrepreneur keeps in mind all the aspects of water, air and noise as per the Anti-pollution act.
  2. Consent to operate: Once the business is established, the entrepreneur is required to take this second level of permission from the DPCC Delhi, the CTE, to ensure that his business unit avoids any form of pollution while running operations.

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The Permissions That Industries Require As Per the DPCC License

DPCC License is not a unified license. It means that acquiring onlya single type of license won’t grant you permission to run your business. There are different permissions you require depending on the nature of your business operations:

  1. If the business unit conducts a business activity that’s known to generate large amounts of pollution, then it to get the NOC from the DPCC after going through the Environment Impact Assessment.
  2. If the business unit requires a system for Water and Affecting Effluent disposal, then it has to acquire a No Objection Certificate of the same from DPCC Delhi.
  3. If the business unit functions outside of the nominated industrial area, the business owner has to obtain prior permission from the panchayat, Municipal Corporation or municipality.
  4. If the business unit uses boiler, then it has to get the approval in the form of a license from the Chief Inspector of Boiler.
  5. If the business unit exclusively does expert business, then it has to get the approval from Development Commissioner of Export Processing zone.

DPCC’s Categorization of Industries Based on the Effect on the Environment

As per the DPCC, and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, the industries have been classified in four categories:

  1. PCB: White Category.
  2. PCB: Green Category.
  3. PCB: Orange Category.
  4. PCB: Red Category.

Note: PCB is short for Pollution Control Board.

The Process of Acquiring the DPCC License

The process of DPCC License can be condensed into four steps:

  1. DPCC License apply online via the official site of the concerned state authorities concerned with matters of pollution.
  2. Upload the documents required by the DPCC along with the DPCC License fees.
  3. DPCC Delhi then appoints an authorized officer to your case, who then pays a physical visit, assesses your application, and creates a thorough examination report.
  4. Based on the analysis of that examination report, the departmentcan set the DPCC License status as accepted or rejected.

Documents Required For DPCC License

Following are that you need to upload to get the DPCC License:

  1. The CA certificate of the professional handling your application
  2. Site plan or location plan of your business entity
  3. Land documents
  4. Resolution of board of directors/ Partnership deed/MOA and AOA
  5. Water connection certificate from your local authority.

A Little about DPCC Consultant

As you can realize, it’s not easy to get the DPCC License. Thankfully, you have our DPCC License consultants to aid you. We provide you end to end services from filing the application to getting you the DPCC License, and that too at a nominal fee.

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