Fees for Trademark Registration in India

Fees for Trademark Registration

Fees for Trademark Registration in India

Apr 28, 2021 Trademark by admin

Fees for trademark registration in India. You pay them so that you can become the legal owner of the mark of your trade. In this article, we are going to dive into the fee you’re required to submit in order to register trademark in India.

Trademark registration has gained a lot of attention in the past few years. Ever since people found out that that their business name holds as much value as the business itself, they are rushing towards getting their trademark registered. However, most of them are unaware for the fees for trademark registration that they are required to pay. As a result, they often reach out to a “consultant” who deceives them instead of helping them – asking them to pay a lot of price while providing not any service.

So, what’s the solution to this problem? How to know where you should get the right assistance from? It’s simple. In this article, we are going to dive deep into the fee structure for trademark registration fees in India. Once you’re done reading it, you can make up your mind about who to trust with trademark registration services.

The process of trademark registration in India

The fees for trademark registration in India are divided as per the process. Following is the process of trademark registration:

  • Choosing a trademark: The first task of every trademark registration aspirant is to decide a trademark that is unique, non-offensive and truly distinctive. While you can manage a trademark that is non-offensive and distinctive, you have to conduct a trademark search to find out about the uniqueness of your chosen trademark. Trademark search is the first requirement for which you pay trademark registration fees in India.
  • Filing the trademark application: Trademark registration application is filed on the basis of class. Thus, you need to know the trademark registration cost per class in order to file the application. Right now, the trademark registration Govt fees for the filing the trademark application per class is as follows:
    • If the applicant is an rganization like a business entity, the government fee is INR 9000/- per trademark class
    • In case the trademark applicant is an individual, the fees is INR 4500/-
  • Monitoring the trademark application: Once your application reaches the registrar of trademark, he scrutinizes it thoroughly. If there are any discrepancies or violations in your application, you’re going to face trademark objection. In that case, you’ll have to make sure that you have professional assistance to file a trademark reply. Filing the trademark reply is an important factor if you want your trademark to be published.
  • Publishing of trademark: After the Registrar accepts your trademark, it goes into trademark journal for publishing. In there, it remains for 4 months. During this period, it’s visible to third parties who can post opposition against it if they feel like your trademark is violating their rights. In the event of trademark opposition, you’d need the required legal assistance to fight it. And that means getting the help of trademark experts. These experts will represent your trademark application and you in the trademark tribunal and attempt to get your trademark accepted.
  • Trademark registration: Once the trademark is accepted by even the third parties, it’s entered into the trademark registry along with your name. It makes you the legal owner of that trademark.


Trademark registration fees for trademark registration are justified when you understand the steps. Now that you know, you’re ready to find out about the experts who can help you. And if you feel lost, you can ask Regalguru for assistance.

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