Free Trademark Name Search in India

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Free Trademark Name Search in India

Dec 28, 2020 Trademark by admin

Imagine yourself creating the best product in the market. It’s valuable, it’s affordable and it can attract a lot of people. You conduct research on that product. You create a business plan so that you can launch it properly. And finally, you put it in the market. That’s when you realize – “There is another product of the same name”. And all your confidence in your product just goes away; just because you forget to conduct the most important research of all: The trademark search.

Without a unique trademark to stamp on your product or service, you won’t have any identity. It doesn’t matter how well your product; it doesn’t even matter of affordable it is. All of it is useless if people don’t even know what to call it. But you can avoid all of it. And the best part is: it won’t cost you anything.

It’s because the price of trademark search online, India has made it free. Yes, you read it right. Without even paying one penny, you can know everything about your brand.

  1. You can know whether it’s a copy of something or not.
  2. You can know whether it can be implemented on product or service you’re providing.
  3. And, you can now whether or not it’s even somewhat similar to existing trademark.

The above three things are important. For you to establish your trademark, you need to register it. And to register, it should be unique.

And thus, this article is dedicated to you. If you’ve ever thought about wondering the trademark search India, we are going to reveal you to how to do it on your own.

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Trademark search India: The basic premise

Let’s cover some of the basics of trademark India. Free, online, and ready to be used at any time. That’s how easy it is to conduct a thorough brand name search, but only if you know about the elements of your trademark search:

  1. Trademark name: It’s the name you’ve given your brand. It’s this entity that you have to make sure isn’t a copy of anyone.
  2. Trademark class: It’s the second and most important element of trademark search. There are 45 trademark classes in total. The first 35 represent products and the rest of 10 represent services.

So, why knowing both of these elements are important? Simple. While we specifically said that your trademark has to be “absolutely” unique, the word absolute is quite relative.

If there is a specific brand name in mind, and you want to use it for your product like a computer chip, then you can get it if there is a brand of the same name but is registered in another class of products, like some food article.

To be even more clear. Suppose you want to start a computer chip business with the name “aloha”, you can. But only if there is no one else with a computer chip business with the same name. However, if there is someone using the same name, but for a different product, you can use it.

How to search trademark names in India?

Conducting a trademark search in India is a process that only requires two things: time and access to internet.

  1. Go online and type in the words “public search” in your web browser.
  2. Click on the first result; it’s generally the official website of trademark search.
  3. In the window you see before you, enter your brand name that you want to search.
  4. And then, enter the trademark class – the product or service you want your trademark registered for.
  5. Click on submit.
  6. If you don’t’ see any result, your brand is unique. And, that means, you can move forward with the trademark registration process without any worry.

Advanced trademark search techniques

When talking about trademark search India, MCA or Ministry of Corporate Affairs play a huge role. Why? It’s because many trademarks names are company names. That’s why, you need to be extra careful about how you take the above six steps. One of the most advanced ways to search for trademark is:

  1. Trademark search by application number: If you know someone who has just applied for trademark registration, you can check their progress. Trademark search India by application number is not something a lay person can do, you’re gonna have to reach out to the experts for that.
  2. Trademark search by registration number: Interested in looking at registered trademark belonging to a specific individual? Get it through trademark search by registration number.


Trademark search is important, easy and free. If you don’t feel confident enough to do it on your own, or you want professional assistance for conducting advanced trademark search, reach out to Regalguru.