How to Trademark a Fashion Brand?

Trademark a Fashion Brand

How to Trademark a Fashion Brand?

May 26, 2021 Trademark by admin

When you think of clothing labels, the first word and logo that comes to your mind is the Nike swoosh. Every time you visit outside to a sports store or clothing store that’s Nike mage, that swoosh reminds of its quality. You automatically think: These are good shoes or good clothes. You can do the same for your brand, if you dare to trademark fashion brand of yours.

Creating trademark rights for your clothing brand

A trademark determines the source of a product or a service. As a clothing brand, your trademark can remind customers of you. It can tell them it’s you who have given them such good quality of fashion. The more your brand grows, the more your business’s image goes up. However, you can only achieve that after you trademark that cloth brand of yours.

How to do that? Simply put, you have to register your trademark as per the trademark laws of your country. If it’s India, you have to go to the IP department. And if it’s USA, you have to reach out to the USPTO office. Once you do, you have to submit the application of the trademark and the rest will happen as per desires of the department.

What is the process of trademark registration of fashion brand?

To register the trademark of the fashion brand, follow the steps that are given below:

  • First, choose the name or design or logo of the trademark: The very first task towards trademark registration of a fashion brand is to choose a trademark logo. Make sure that the trademark you choose is fanciful, relatable and doesn’t blatantly points towards the quality of the fashion brand.
  • Choose a trademark class: Depending upon the trademark class of your trademark, you have to file the application. In case of fashion brand, the class that IP department prescribes is trademark class 25.
  • Conduct a trademark search: Use the trademark name, design or logo and the trademark class to run a trademark search.
  • Choose multiple classes when you start filing the trademark application: When you finally start filing the application, you have to decide the basis of that filing. Is your intention to use that trademark for commerce or have you already been using it. In case you’ve been using your trademark before filing your application, you must collect the evidence that states the starting date of when you started to use that trademark.
  • File the online application for trademark application: Use the electronic trademark application system (called the online form) to file the trademark application. Submit the requisite fee required to file your application. You can know about trademark registration fee here if you wish to.
  • Analysis of trademark application: Once you file the trademark application, you need to wait as the application is analysed by the department. If you don’t receive any objection, your trademark will be forwarded to the trademark journal.
  • Publication of trademark: The trademark of clothing brand will be published in the trademark journal along with the details of your application. It will remain published for 4 months to see if someone opposes your registration.
  • Registration of trademark: If your trademark faces no opposition, you will receive the certificate of trademark registration.

Depending upon the department you submit the application to, which will differ, based on the country in which you’re applying, the publication time and the fee will change.


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