The Best Place to Get Trademark Registration in Delhi

Trademark Registration in Delhi

The Best Place to Get Trademark Registration in Delhi

Jan 13, 2021 Trademark by admin

Delhi, the national capital of India, is a place where all the cultures, businesses and economics of India, and even the world come together. There is a saying “If you can achieve success in Delhi, you can do so everywhere else”. But in order to achieve it, you need to be unique. And in order to be unique, you need the best place to get trademark registration in Delhi.

We aren’t saying that we are it, not yet anyway. But we are saying that there are things that you need to look for, if you come across someone saying they are the best.

That brings us to the purpose of this blog. Through it, you’ll know how to separate the lions from the sheep wearing a lion’s skin. In this blog, you’ll know how to get to the best trademark registration in Delhi on your own.

What People Think About Trademark Registration?

Before we dive into the best place to get trademark registration in Delhi online, let’s understand what people think about trademark registration.

  1. I don’t need trademark registration: It’s a mistake to think that way. But, it’s also a common perception. If you’ve been using your trademark for a while, you think that you don’t need registration. You think that all the brand name that you’ve established would be enough. That’s not the case. While you can think in the same way for big brands like Apple or Adidas, you, as small or med scale your business is, need to think about trademark registration.
  2. I can to trademark registration on my own: Again, this is the wrong thing to think. Trademark registration process requires deft hands, thorough research and timely handling of any issues. As a brand owner, you won’t have the time to sort out every little detail. Additionally, it’s the trademark agents and trademark attorneys that take the application forward. Thus, even if you know the process to register your mark, you’d need someone else to go through that process.
  3. I don’t want to give personal information to my agents: Trademark registration is a government procedure. The government needs some of your credentials to grant you registration. They don’t want your credit card or payment details; only your name, address and what type of business that you do. So, if you’re of the mind that’s afraid of giving personal information, don’t be. We won’t ask you anything that you deem unnecessary. But you also need to put your trust in us.

Qualities of the Trademark Registration Service Provider

For trademark registration in Delhi NCR, you need to separate the milk from the water. While you can use lemon for that purpose, I suggest you use the following points:

  • Ask those “experts” about the timeline: Trademark registration in Delhi, Madras, Kolkata, and Bengal or everywhere in India, takes at-least 2 months. It takes one or two days to file the application. Another day or two to fast-tracking the application assessment. And once the trademark is published in the journal, it takes 2 months to register it. If someone comes to you and says “We can give you trademark registration within a week”, turn to the other direction. They are lying to you.
  • Ask “experts” about the charges:  When you’re applying for trademark registration in Delhi, charges matter. While there is a governmental set fees, there is also a professional fee. If the professional fee you’re asked is too much, you should reject the proposal. Also, keep in mind that MSMEs that have startup registration certificate get 50% discount in the government fees. If the trademark agents you’re approaching aren’t being honest with you about the discount and the charges, you should look at someone else.
  • Ask the experts about the process: Trademark registration process is difficult. Once application is filed, there is no guarantee of it getting accepted. It’s almost given that it will face objection. If your experts say that there’ll be no objection, you should take a step back. Over 60% trademark applications get objections. The difference between good and bad experts is that the good experts would provide you trademark reply services as well.

Regalguru: Your Partner in Trademark Registration

Now, let’s talk about our trademark registration services in Delhi. Regalguru provides complete trademark registration package. And:

  • We are honest about the time it will take to register your trademark.
  • We keep the professional fee low and provide you discount where it’s applicable.
  • We provide you trademark reply and other services to handle trademark objections.

So, we can proudly say that we of Regalguru are “almost” the best place for trademark registration in Delhi.