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Trademark Objection

Trademark Objection

Trademark is one of the most pivotal IP for a company. Hence it is important to avoid trademark objection while registering for the trademark. The trademark is registered by filing the application with the relevant Trade Mark Registrar in the prescribed format. After the application is submitted the Trade Marks Registrar would process the application and issue an Examination Report. At times, during the trademark registration process, The Trademark examiner can raise the objection. The trademark status in the Indian Trade Mark Registry website shows as “Objected” when the Registrar/Examiner has raised one or more objections in the Examination Report.

There are multiple cases that are pending in Indian Trademarks Registry with the status “Objected” as the Trade Marks Officer can, for various reasons, have objections to the trademark application. This may be due to the similarities in the word or logo to an existing trademark, or it could hurt sentiments of a group or religious community or for that matter any other unspecified reasons related to infringement or inappropriateness. You must file your response to this objection within a month from when the Examination Report has been published online. If it has been sent to you or your lawyer, then a month from when it was received. If you don’t, the Registrar could abandon the application altogether.

It becomes important to respond to a Trademark Objection in order to clear their doubts and you might get clearance.

The trademark objection process includes:


If you have filed your trademark with us, we will inform you that the Registrar has objected your trademark less than a month from the publication of the Examination Report containing the objection. If you are not a customer, it’s best you contact us within a month from the publication of the report.


We will put you in touch with our lawyers, who will understand your case and frame the correct response and affidavit (if required). The response will be submitted.


If the Registrar does not accept your initial response, an interview is scheduled, where the arguments would need to be presented in person. If the government is satisfied with the response, the objection will be lifted within 18 months.

It is really important to establish that you get the Trademark you want to and in-depth search both in terms of availability and in accordance with the law which can become your savior.

We at RegalGuru has got a team of qualified professionals who will guide you in appropriate TM filing, in order to avoid any objection. Even if you get stuck in some objection we can pull you out of the limbo state with our expertise in the field.

Documents Required for Trademark Objection Reply

The same set of documents are required for objection reply as required during registration process and also certain additional documents such as:

  • A copy of the examination report
  • Power of Attorney signed by the applicant
  • Documentary proof such as affidavit, permission from another trademark holder etc.
  • Please note that documentary proof (if needed) will vary from one case to another.

INR 1,999 /- All Inclusive, No hidden Charges.

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