Process to Register a Private Limited Company in India

Company Registration Process

Process to Register a Private Limited Company in India

Apr 10, 2021 Company by admin
When starting or registering a private limited company, every step is critical. Without following them to the tee, your dreams of starting a company will be nothing more than it is now, a dream. Here are the steps to register a company: Choose the name for your company: Choosing a name for your company isn’t
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Trademark Renewal Process

Trademark Renewal Process in India

Apr 3, 2021 Trademark by admin
Trademark registration is only valid for a limited time. Once that time ends, it’s your turn to file for trademark renewal online. Not doing so will make you lose the right to your trademark. Despite knowing the implications of not renewing the trademark on time, people still ignore it. Why? It’s because they are afraid.
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trademark objection reply

How to Clear Objected Trademark

Mar 22, 2021 Trademark by admin
All trademarks face objection. If not all, then it’s the story of at least 60 % of trademark application. Despite how correctly you’ve filed your application, something is always is missing. The reasons for trademark objections can go from simple to complex. So how to remove a trademark objection. You have three choices: You can
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Trademark Infringement

Trademark Infringement in India

Mar 15, 2021 Trademark by admin
Trademark holds a low of power for a business. Its popularity can earn a business profit, while its notoriety can destroy a company. It’s the very reason we are witnessing more and more cases of trademark infringement. What is trademark infringement? Simply put, it’s when an organization or a person violates the trademark rights of
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