What are the Documents Required for Trademark Registration

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

What are the Documents Required for Trademark Registration

Jan 5, 2021 Trademark by admin

Do you think it’s enough to just file the application to get the trademark? Each detail you provide has to checked and rechecked. Do you think the department can just lend you the rights to mark without checking the document list for trademark registration? Of course not. There is no trademark without the documents required for trademark registration.

We admit that the documents for trademark registration in India can be confusing to understand. We have been through the same difficulty ourselves at times. But now we know exactly what you need to attach with the application for trademark.

And here is the list.

Before understanding the trademark, registration documents required, understand this

There are many types of applicants of trademark registration. You can either apply as an individual, or you can apply as a business entity. We are stressing on this because the core document list for trademark registration changes based on that very fact.

Documents for trademark registration if you’re a business entity

If you’re indeed a business entity such as a partnership, a limited liability partnership or any type of company, the documents are the following:

  1. Copy of the logo: In case the trademark you want to register is more than just a word mark, you need to provide an image of its logo. That’s not all. You also need to provide a brief description of the logo. In that you’ll explain the shape, the colour and the pattern arrangement you’ve used to design the logo.
  2. Incorporation certificate or Deed of partnership: The deed of partnership or certificate of incorporation is the identification documents of your business entity. Provide it to the IP department to expedite the process of trademark registration.
  3. Form-48: Among all the documents required for trademark registration in India, it’s this one that people tend to miss the most. Remember this; whether you’re a business entity or an individual, you can’t file the application on your own. You need to authorized a trademark attorney to file the application on your behalf. The Form 48 is the power of attorney – giving your trademark attorney the right file the trademark application.
  4. Udyog Aadhar Registration Certificate: Want to save money filing the application? Choose to provide an Udyog Aadhar Registration certificate. This document, that establishes you as an MSME cuts the trademark registration cost to half.
  5. ID proof of the one signing your application: Provide the identification of the one filing and signing your application. Along with it, provide your ID proof as well.
  6. Address proof of the signatory: Provide the residential proof of the one signing your application along with your own details.
  7. Details of when you started using the trademark: Trademark filing process is a race in which many same trademarks are rushing to get registered. In case you’ve been using the trademark before applying for trademark registration, provide proof of the same.

Documents required for trademark registration is you’re an individual

The documents aren’t that different from above. They are as follows:

  1. Your Identity proofs.
  2. Your proof of residence
  3. Copy of the logo in case your trademark is not just a wordmark.
  4. Form 48 to delegate a trademark agent to file your application.


As you can see, the documents required for trademark registration in Delhi aren’t that complicated. All you need is the right information through the right blog to help you out. Interested in more? Check out our other blogs at Regalguru.

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